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Mr Joshua Jackson . Book 1798 (vol.2)

Tunes, songs and dances from the manuscript of a Yorkshire corn miller and musician.

Published & presented by Robin & Rosalind Shepherd

Price £18 + £3.50 p&p

This volume contains over 300 tunes from Joshua Jackson’s book including country dance tunes, 4/4 & 3/2 hornpipes, reels, jigs, minuets, allemandes and marches, many of which are accompanied by dance instructions. A variety of songs are also included amongst the pages, romantic, patriotic and humorous.

 Joshua Jackson book vol1

Tunes, Songs & Dances from the 1798 Manuscript of Joshua Jackson (vol.1)

A collection of tunes for all melody Instruments plus dances and songs.

Published and presented by Bowen & Shepherd 

Price £15 + £3.50 p&p 

This first volume contains 190 tunes, songs & dances from Joshua Jackson’s book.


The Miller’s Jig CD

A performance by Yorkshire trio ‘Magnetic North’ (Geoff Bowen, Robin Shepherd & Gordon Tyrrall)

of dance tunes, songs & airs from the 1798 Manuscript of Joshua Jackson, Yorkshire cornmiller And musician.

Price £10 + p&p.


Concerning Clogs

By Bob Dobson

A historical and contemporary account concerning the culture surrounding clogs, their use and manufacture.

Price £5 + p&p


Country Crafts in Yorkshire

By Ann Williams

72 pages including chapters on basket making, metalwork, dry stone walling, leather work, rope making and many other crafts.

Price £4 + p&p


Old Yorkshire Recipes

By Joan Poulson

Traditional and seasonal Yorkshire food. Savoury and sweet dishes, pies, puddings and more.

Price £3 + p&p..